Wednesday, November 3, 2010


for a moment.
Because I don't have much.
and I've been asked to donate a felted handbag for a purse auction
which is in two weeks.
and there's a lot of other stuff to do in those two weeks.

like haul kids to hockey (although my husband is doing that tonight)
and finish my husband's hockey sweater
and haul one kid to play practice.every.single. night. until November 13th
and then it's over
Thank God...and whomever else wants to be thanked.

And I still have to plant some more daffodil bulbs.
Which I should have done today because it was BEAUTIFUL outside
but I didn't
so I know I will be planting them when it's snowing outside.
So now I need to go and gather Matt from school
and wait for the other two to come home from hockey practice
and it will be the end of another day.


rosemary said... might need a glass of wine tonight! sometimes it feels like "IT" will never stop, doesn't it?
a felted handbag? have you ever made one before...i would love to make a felted handbag.
you reminded me that i need to plant bulbs too.

Camilla~ Bloom said...

First of all I love your pictures...such a sense of crisp autmn air. They are really beautiful- nice reflection missus!

...and it goes on and on and on and on and on...never stops.

Just as soccer season stops... Julians select soccer season starts...I think I had 2.5 weeks of rest before driving them everywhere.
All the best and don't forget to breathe.

MadMad said...

How nice of a felted bag does it need to be? I used to make them to sell and have a few left over... the ones I do, if I recall, are pretty basic, but you could embellish/attach different handles, etc. if you'd like. I'd be happy to get rid of one - er, I mean, send you one! I work today, so I won't be able to dig them out of the attic, and let you know exactly what I have, but I'll look tonight when I get back, if you're interested!

TD wool design said...

we have bulbs to put in too. i keep watching the calendar. i should get on that.
i too, would send you a bag, but am flat out. yep, a show in two weeks...should get off this computer.

Larissa said...

Love all the white, crisp light in your photos - it's also what attracts me to the swedish blog photos.

I totally get the driving year round - for three years we've been doing taekwondo and we go three times a week all year round.

Can't wait to see your felted bag - do you sew it out of felted wool or do you actually make the bag using roving? Please share when you're done!

ColorSlut said...

I love the new header photo and the crisp fall images. Burrrrrrrr!