Monday, January 10, 2011

5 things....

Ah...another Monday and another round of snow. My arms are growing muscles from shoveling and my legs are feeling the burn from skiing. Can't ask for anything better, well, maybe a tropical drink on a beach somewhere, but that's not coming for another few months.
This week brings more clean-up and clean out, while creating new foods and working on some creative projects.
May you all have a creative week!
Happy Monday!
1. I still have not taken care of these. Today is the day, I swear!
2. More fun with the presets in Lightroom. I'm still too intimated to use Elements yet.
3. The sun was out on Saturday. And it felt really, really good. I'm not sure we will see it for the rest of the week.
4. We were all able to meet in the middle this weekend to watch Ryan's hockey game. He played well and we all enjoyed a fun lunch afterward.
5. Pretty much how we all felt when we awoke this morning. We all needed a good kick start to get going. But, I feel that this will be a productive week for all!


ColorSlut said...

More stunning photos. I hope your shoveling goes fast!

t does wool said...

five more beautiful things,jane.
enjoy your Monday...keep warm...xx

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Presets are so fun - beautiful image!
Wishing you a "sunshiney & snowless" week!

word verification: "imess" I guess I should hop to it and clean to...heh!

Larissa said...

Love that last image of your kitty. ours is black and awfully difficult to photograph.

we got about an inch of snow last night - and a two hour school delay. I had big clean out plans but got very little done.

kristina said...

What do you think of Lightroom? I'm terribly intimidated by Elements, too. And your pictures always look fabulous.

K x

Poshyarns said...

Those momentary flashes of sunlight are so precious. Gorgeous images Jane.