Friday, January 14, 2011

Link Love...

Man, it's gray here. I'm trying to find the beauty in it all...but a little sun now and again would sure be nice.
I hope you all have grand plans for the weekend. Ours revolve around hockey and skiing. Go figure! Stay warm and enjoy your families!

1.Matt gave these adorable printable calendars for his Christmas gifts this year. They are all sold out, but she has other sweet things you might enjoy.
2. Each year I miss this event. Luckily I came across it just in time this year. Hang a bird feeder and start counting!
3. I'm trying to get my husband to take his lunch to work, hoping that I can entice him to eat a bit more healthier. Maybe if he would buy into the whole program, he might carry this. Yeah, I hear all of you that know my husband, laughing. Who am I kidding?
4. These are on my to-do list. I can just feel the softness caressing my feet. ok...that was just perverted.
5. And lastly, this outfit just makes me happy!

Happy weekend!


RW said...

Happy Friday Jane.
I am liking you are posting more often.
We are grey here too. Grey and wet. and wet and grey. I too, am hoping for a bit of sunshine.

TD wool design said...

there is a lot of white there too! holy cow. i think you need one of those lunch boxes just for you! love the pops of color!
happy weekend. and happy hockey and skiing. hope there is some fun!

t does wool said...

love the the outfit!!

michele said...

i think these photographs are very beautiful. among your finest. the light looks very blue and soft.

i hear you on the gray though. i feel that way about our current cold snap. so cold!

Poshyarns said...

Oh wow, your photos are so quiet, perfect captures of the snow. And that outfit? Love it too.