Thursday, January 27, 2011


Oh, I had grand plans of showing you the two pairs of socks that I finally finished for Matt and Ryan. But, nope! I couldn't get them to put them on to get an artsy picture. They love them and sleep in them, but don't have time for me!
Ha! See if I make them another pair right away :)

Last week I was feeling very uninspired so I decided to brighten up our breakfast room. I saw some heart garland on etsy and thought how easy it would be to make my own. I had a ton of red cardstock left over from the year I made my own Christmas cards (that year...pure craziness!) and went to work. Cut a bunch of hearts and then fed them through my sewing machine. Viola! Instant gratification fulfilled!
I made this soup
earlier this week. It was very good. Ryan didn't eat it, but he was in a "mood" and wasn't going to eat anything and Matt loved it. Andy ate's busy season for him.
So, before I start back up on the sweater that I'm making, I'm doing a bit of stash busting. I started a hat this afternoon and hope to have it done by the weekend.
Stay warm everyone and happy digging to those in the Northeast!


MadMad said...

Too funny! I was JUST looking at that hat and thinking about making it! Love the breakfast nook - very pretty and the hearts make it so cheery!

Camilla~ Bloom said...

I'm in!I have some colored contruction paper in red, pink and purple.I think this exactly what we need to brighten our winter greys...thanks for the idea.

Loving your windows and light...beautiful.

Tanya said...

I was right ... I have that same tablecloth and matching runner too! Great hearts ... I need to do that. So cute!


TD wool design said...

great hat! it's gorgeous! i love the hearts too. may get lib on that one. she'd love it! have a good weekend. stay warm xx

Andi said...

I love the hat and what a great stashbusting project. Your home always looks so warm and comforting. :)

Pam said...

I just might have to have a go at the heart garland. Valentine's Day is creeping up on me.

michele said...

the hearts are really cheerful and inspiring. and i love that Ida's Kitchen hat. looking forward to seeing yours.

RW said...

love it.
both the hat and the garland.
I think I would very much like that room.

Larissa said...

Lovein' your hearts all strung up on your gorgeous windows. That soups sounds amazing - middle kiddo doesn't eat beans but everyone else will love it. Can't wait to see the hat on you - i love hats but i don't wear them nearly enough.

Jessica said...

I just love, love those hearts hanging all around!

a friend to knit with said...

i can not wait to see your ida hat!
i LOVE it!!!

you look absolutely adorable... and so do your hearts!

rosemary said...

Can't wait to see the hat! You have inspired me to make a heart garland, one of these days before Valentine's. You have the best windows.