Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking For My Sanity...Have You Seen It?

Last week was a blur. I hosted three parties in six days. One was a cookout for neighbors down the street. Three days later, on the 4th of July we had a family picnic. A cocktail party followed two days later for friends that we all use to sit with at Syracuse football games.

My husband stayed home all week and relaxed with the boys. They had a great time! They went tubing on our boat...many times, celebrated birthdays, and even got nine holes in at the Country Club.

I felt like I spent the entire week either in the grocery store or in my kitchen. By Saturday I was tired and wishing for someone to take me out for a nice meal!

But the weekend came and went and I spent most of my time in the car yet again, taking the boys here or there. Soon I was wishing for Monday to arrive. Finally, my husband would go back to work and the kids would be happy to have some down time at home.

But our contractors showed up...ON TIME! Never have we had contractors show up on the day that they scheduled. NEVER EVER has it happened to us. So, quickly I slurped down my coffee and went to unloading all the stuff in our bedroom. It now sits in various parts of the house waiting for some time next week to be put back in its respective place.
I do have to say that I am so very pleased with the man that is doing the work. Finally, we have found someone that shows up when he says he will and stays the entire day. That has never happened to us before! So I thought things would be okay this week until...
some demons came into our house and took over the bodies of these two precious boys. They have turned into MONSTERS whose main goal is to torment the other one until someone bleeds! Who said this was one of the nicest ages? I even heard my mother in myself telling them that if they don't stop that I would send them to camp next year for the whole summer!
I think I am going to have one of these and go count my blessings and try to remember what special kids they are!

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