Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Right about now we start really discussing our trip to the Adirondacks. This is one of those vacations that the kids will be talking to their kids about when they are parents. For nine summers we have been returning to the same spot. Same routine, same mountains to climb, same lean-to to sleep out in, same awful water park to visit! It isn't one of my favorite vacations, because it isn't my vacation. I still cook, make beds, pick-up the clothes. What I do enjoy is watching the boys grow with the environment. When they were toddlers we would just spend the day at the little beach and call it a day. As they have grown older, we hike, climb mountains, fish, fish and fish some more!
I cherish this time because it will come to a halt quickly. We usually pick the later part of August to vacation and that will conflict with sports as they enter the later grades. I cherish it for the family time and the memories that we are building for our boys. Nothing beats it!
A new podcast that has hooked me is Jumping Monkeys. It talks about parenting in a techie world. Great links are given and the guests are interesting also. Check it out. I thought I was pretty suave when it came to the computer, but I had no clue that half of the stuff they talk about existed.

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