Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This and That

I finally finished sewing this vintage apron today. I haven't been sewing in a long while and had the itch. I found a book of vintage apron patterns while perusing a quilt shop not long ago. Not sure if I will wear it but I enjoyed making it.
On a different topic: I went to B/N last Friday night to enjoy the Potter festivities with the boys and stopped again today to finally pick-up the 7th book. I couldn't help but notice ,both times that I was there, the middle school/high school kids that were excited about this book. Granted it is a social phenomena, but these kids are buying the book and hopefully reading it. What gave me bigger pause today were the two young gentleman that were ahead of me in line. They were not together, yet both were buying the Harry book.
I guess as a former teacher and now parent it made me thankful that somewhere, someone instilled a love of reading in these young adults. Be it JK Rowling, parents or teachers is not important. What's important is two young men reading...and not playing sports at the moment.

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