Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Shrimp On the Barbe

That's the name of the colorway given by sKNITches.

BeBop Supermerino yarn

56 stitches on No. 2 needles

3x1 ribbing

I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn. I think next time I will use No. 1's on the the calf and then change to No. 2's from the heel flap down. I have a feeling I will get some slipping down my leg as I wear them.

sKNITches has some really pretty colorways to choose from. You need to get on their mailing list so you know when they update. The yarn goes fairly quickly.

On to my next pair. This time I am making a pair of Jaywalkers. I am probably the only person out there yet to make a pair.

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